As with any software project, Stork is not done: there are more features that will get built. In the interest of transparency, I want to describe the project's principles, goals, and next steps so that Stork's users are not solely reliant on the features available today, but can forsee the Stork of the future.

Stork is a single-person project that I build in my spare time. Development will likely be slow, but I'm always receiptive to communication via Github, Email, or Twitter.

Overarching goals:

  • Reduce index size and keep WebAssembly bundle size low
  • Keep search fast (responsive on a per-keystroke basis)
  • Going from installation to useable search interface should be as fast as possible
  • Expose many configuration knobs to tweak, but maintain sensible and opinionated defaults (so people don't have to tweak those knobs)
  • Index different types of content (prose, subtitles, even code) and different languages, not just long-form English texts.
  • Maintain compatibility with old config files and indexes

Large Features

  • Support fuzzy search
  • Create and read sharded indexes
  • Display embedded images in the results interface
  • Allow users to attach metadata to documents that can be displayed in the results interface
  • Add more themes
  • Build and publish some integrations with other projects, e.g. various static site generators, Wordpress, etc.

Completed features

Previously on the roadmap:

  • Keyboard shortcuts on JS
  • Support the SRT file format
  • Callbacks in JS for different user events
  • Sorting the results by relevance
  • Sensible handling of multi-word queries
  • Parse frontmatter
  • Build different themes
  • Write JS code in Typescript

Not originally on the roadmap, but added after suggested by users:

  • Self-hosted Stork
  • Lifecycle methods to control WASM download, index download, and DOM attachment
  • JS Search API not tied to the DOM

More specific bugs and features are listed on the project's Github Issues page. Feel free to submit a feature request there.

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Stork is built and shepherded by James Little, who's really excited that you're checking it out. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to tweet at him or open an issue on Github.

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