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Embedding the Interface

Stork uses a Javascript library to turn a Stork search index into an interactive interface. This library downloads the index and uses a WebAssembly binary to parse and search through it. To begin using the frontend half of Stork, load the Stork JS bundle from the Stork CDN right before the closing </body> tag:

<script src="https://files.stork-search.net/stork.js"></script>

After including the stork.js script on your page, you'll be able to call the stork.register() function to register a search index on that page. To properly register an index, you'll need, at minimum:

  • An <input> element with the attribute data-stork="foo"
  • A <div> element with the attribute data-stork="foo-results"

where foo is the registration name. Stork will find these elements and turn them into the interactive search interface after stork.register() is called.

<input data-stork="foo" />
<div data-stork="foo-results"></div>

The stork.register() function takes two mandatory arguments: the index's registration name, and the URL at which the Stork index can be found. When the stork.register() method is called, the Stork library will download the index from that URL and attach it to the correct HTML elements.

stork.register("foo", "https://your-url.com/index-file", {});

There is a third, optional argument the register() function takes: an options object. This lets you configure some of the display and behavior of that Stork index. The available options are as follows:

showProgressBooleantrueWhen true, Stork will display a progress bar in the input field as the index is loading. When false, that progress bar will not be rendered.
printIndexInfoBooleanfalseIf this is set to true, Stork will print information about the search index to the console when it has successfully loaded.

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This site is also on Github; feel free to put up a PR or open an issue if you see something worth changing.