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There are two parts to Stork—the command line tool and the Javascript module—and both need to be installed separately.

The command line tool

Right now, there are three ways to install the command-line tool:

  • Installing with Homebrew:
    $ brew install jameslittle230/stork-tap/stork
  • Installing with Cargo:
    $ cargo install stork-search
  • Building from source:
    • Stork is built with Rust; make sure you have Cargo installed.
    • Download the source code of the latest release (either the Zipfile or the Tarball), and uncompress it.
    • From the project directory, run $ cargo build --release
    • Run ./target/release/stork, or copy the binary into your path

If none of these options work for you, or if you want Stork distributed elsewhere, open a Github issue and let me know.

The Javascript module

The Javascript portion of Stork needs to be included with the following <script> tag, and (because the WebAssembly is dynamically loaded) shouldn't be packaged as part of a bundle, otherwise your search interface might unexpectedly break.

<script src="https://files.stork-search.net/stork.js"></script>

Stork dynamically loads a WebAssembly binary, which is updated regularly with bugfixes, compatibility improvements, and features.

To track updates, follow the Stork Releases RSS feed.

© 2019–2020

Stork is built and shepherded by James Little, who's really excited that you're checking it out. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch or open an issue on Github.

This site is also on Github; feel free to put up a PR or open an issue if you see something worth changing.